[gst-devel] MPEG over RTP

Zeeshan Ali zeelists at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 16 20:38:20 CEST 2003


--- Ralph Meijer <gstreamer-devel at ralphm.ik.nu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been working on using GStreamer for streaming
> MPEG video over RTP and
  cool :)

> have encountered a few problems. I will first sketch
> the context, using
> a bit of MPEG terminology.


> Looking at what is available, I found the rfc2250enc
> element in the mpegstream
> plugin. It is supposed split the MPEG video stream
> in small fragments that
> would fit in a RTP packet and have certain boundary
> requirements as specified
> in RFC 2250.

  Right and the plugin code should be moved to the rtp
dir IMHO.
> My first approach was to create the MPEG-specific
> header in the rfc2250enc
> component and use another mime-type between
> rfc2250enc and a new component
> called rtpmpegenc. The timestamp would be passed on
> via the buffer timestamp.

  Sounds goood..

>  - Is such a merge a good idea (the GStreamer Way
> (TM))?
>  - Where would it have to be placed, inside
> mpegstream (because it needs
>    the MPEG parser) or inside rtp (because that
> already has some RTP
>    stuff obviously).

  IMHO, it would not be a bad idea looking at the
problem(s) you stated above. I never knew about this
problem regarding mpeg. wtay would be having some nice
suggestion about this. Plz ask his advice before doing
anything like this. and IMHO it belongs to rtp dir.
> Hmm, this has become quite long... Sorry about that
> ;-)

 NP. BTW, I never knew that someone was working at the
RTP plugins behind closed doors :) Bye.

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