[gst-devel] a couple of comments on swfdec

Santiago Garcia Mantinan manty at aytolacoruna.es
Fri Jul 18 02:51:42 CEST 2003


I was trying to compile swfdec on a Debian Woody, where we only have gtk
2.0.2 and not any newer version, so I added --disable-pixbuf_loader to
configure to avoid needing a newer gtk, however compilation broke with this

text.c: In function `swfdec_text_prerender':
text.c:353: warning: dereferencing `void *' pointer
text.c:353: request for member `pdata' in something not a structure or union

I went over it and didn't find anything that could be wrong, however I later
came with this patch that solves the compiling problem, I'm wondering if
what I wrote still has the very same meaning of what was written and how
this could be fixed in a cleaner way.

diff -ruN swfdec-0.2.2.orig/libswfdec/text.c swfdec-0.2.2/libswfdec/text.c
--- swfdec-0.2.2.orig/libswfdec/text.c	Wed Feb  5 08:34:07 2003
+++ swfdec-0.2.2/libswfdec/text.c	Thu Jul 17 13:59:45 2003
@@ -347,10 +347,11 @@
 			double glyph_trans[6];
 			double trans[6];
 			double pos[6];
+			GPtrArray *prueba=fontobj->priv;
 			glyph = &g_array_index(text->glyphs,SwfdecTextGlyph,j);
-			shape = g_ptr_array_index((GPtrArray *)fontobj->priv,
+			shape = g_ptr_array_index(prueba,
 				glyph->x * SWF_SCALE_FACTOR,

Hope this helps a bit.

Also, the Mozilla plugin won't compile with mozilla 1.4, but that is another
story and maybe you have it fixed on cvs :-?


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