[gst-devel] float caps, category, audioconvert changes

Leif Johnson leif at ambient.2y.net
Sat Jul 19 16:55:33 CEST 2003

Hi all -

I just did several checkins of some changes to the gstreamer plugins tree
... mostly just removing the 'slope' and 'intercept' properties from
elements, and doing a few category changes.

I did a compile test to make sure things worked on my copy before I checked
in, but it's definitely possible that I missed things. Sorry if I broke

I'm still working on fully integrating float audio into the audioconvert
plugin. If anyone has a quick macro to change the endianness of a float or
double, I could use one. :) I'll check in my float changes as soon as they
work for me, but the int side of things should hopefully still work.


Leif Morgan Johnson : http://ambient.2y.net/leif/

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