[gst-devel] Is there use of encryption in gstreamer?

Zeeshan Ali zeelists at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 28 14:15:03 CEST 2003

  You got a good idea about our future plans but i am
affraid its a bit wrong. It wont actually be the RTP
plugin that would be doing anything like encryption at
all. RTP (as it must be) is/will be kept independent
of the transport layer, for which the developer would
be having choice of either using TCP or UDP plugins. I
was also thinking of implementing a TLS plugin which
maybe needed at some places and that is were
encryption shall come into action. Thanks for your
query, Bye.

--- Brian Cameron <Brian.Cameron at Sun.COM> wrote:
> Sun is going through the process of determing export
> control issues 
> regarding gstreamer.  I would like to know if there
> are any places
> within the gstreamer core, gst-plugins, gst-editor,
> or gst-player
> where encryption is used in any way.
> Based on conversations I have had on the gstreamer
> IRC channel, I 
> understand that the planned rtp (real time protocol)
> plugin will
> likely support encryption.  I was told that this
> future rdp plugin
> will be an enhancement of the current udp/tcp
> plugin.
> Anyway, aside from that, are there any other places
> within gstreamer,
> gst-plugins, gst-editor, or gst-player where
> encryption is used?
> Thanks much!
> Brian

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