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Jan Schmidt thaytan at mad.scientist.com
Mon Jul 28 16:57:02 CEST 2003

<quote who="Ronald Bultje">

> On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 15:24, Jan Schmidt wrote:
> > Merged the 2 video_%02d pad templates, since no plugin should have 2 pad
> > templates with the same name.
> > Added caps for the subtitle pad as a quickfix to stop it calling
> > try_set_caps with NULL caps
> This will make try_set_caps() be called with a non-fixed caps
> (mpegversion is both 1 and 2), could you please fix that?

I've checked in a change which sets fixed caps. Should the plugin do things
this way, or have a single caps on the padtemplate with mpeg_version range
1-2 like some other plugins do? Does it matter?

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