[gst-devel] ANNOUNCE: Marlin 0.1 [We Kill People Who Kill People, Because Killing People Is Wrong] released

iain iain at prettypeople.org
Mon Jun 2 11:40:09 CEST 2003

Marlin 0.1 [ We Kill People Who Kill People, 
             Because Killing PeopleIs Wrong ]

Its been a year in the making, but over 2 years in the dreaming
It got sidetracked by Gnome-Media, but finally its here
In its very first release.
Marlin - A Sample Editor.
Tah Dah!

First things first, everyone loves screenshots

Second things second, everyone loves a 303
but I don't have one, so here's the homepage

And now for the tarball

A short blurb about what it is:
Its a sample editor for editing samples.
Audio samples.

It has dependencies on
GStreamer CVS HEAD (0.7) - http://www.gstreamer.net
libuuid - http://e2fsprogs.sourceforge.net/
GNOME 2stuff.

Features. Its only 0.1 so it doesn't have a whole host of features, but
its usable I think for small editing jobs, and really, after a year I
think its time for people to see it.

* If GStreamer can load it, and it has audio, Marlin can edit it, if 
  it can't then its a bug.
* Simple editting functions: Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste Mix, Paste as 
  New, Ctop, Delete.
* Basic sample processing functions: Mute, Volume Adjust, Insert 
  Silence, Swap Channels.
* CDDA Extraction.
* Can handle big big files. I've editted 70meg mp3s with it. Sample
  size is limited only by disk space.

Getting onboard the fellowship:
* Join the mailing list: marlin-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
* Email me: marlin at prettypeople.org
* Find bugs
* Report bugs
* Fix!!! bugs
* Write documentation
* Use it and tell us (me) what sucks and how it could improve your
  sample editing life.
* Hack on it.
* Enjoy it.

"Music for me is the proof of the existence of god." - Kurt Vonnegut (JR)

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