[gst-devel] gnome-media maintainership

Murray.Cumming at Comneon.com Murray.Cumming at Comneon.com
Tue Jun 3 01:45:11 CEST 2003

Iain wrote:
> but, I gave up thinking I can change anything a long time ago (urgh, I
> was trying so hard not to play the victim card too...), so I don't
> really care, and I really can't be bothered arguing about it anymore.
> And as a somewhat linked (and somewhat unlinked) aside, does 
> anyone want
> to maintain gnome-media? I can't be bothered anymore.

I'm not sure how what the link with 5th Toe is, or what the problem might
be, but has anything happened with this? Were you serious? Maybe one of the
gstreamer people would like to take over maintainership.

Murray Cumming
murrayc at usa.net

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