[gst-devel] NETgstreamer?

Zeeshan Ali zak147 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 24 13:29:04 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,
  Since last few months i have been busy making an
ethernet bandwidth manager box for a company, during
which i realized that i was doing nothing but
rewritting the gstreamer-core. I started to think of
using gstreamer for it, but the problem was that it
had nothing to do with multimedia nor did any of the
filters, srcs and sinks that i needed for this
networking app. E.g concider this pipeline: 

ethsrc dev=eth0 mode=ip_layer ! ip_filter
restrict=, ! bwcontroler
bandwidth=1000 ! ethsink dev=eth1 mode=ip_layer

Many ideas since then had been floating in my mind,
but the recent one seems much better (to me atleast):
I start a new project (or another module/app like
gst-editor/gst-player), which would only be a
collection of Networking-related GStremer plugins
which has nothing to do with Multimedia. Does it sound
sane at all???? Plz let me know of your opinion.

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