[gst-devel] Re: Gstreamer dv1394src

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Thu Jun 26 12:59:05 CEST 2003

* Yann Klis <yklis at kaliasys.com> [20030626 05:24]:
> I went through the Gstreamer Developper Manual available in the gstreamer-doc
> package and try to compile the helloword example (chapter 12) with :
> gcc -Wall `pkg-config gstreamer --cflags --libs` helloworld.c -o helloworld

Ah.  Yeah, it used to be just "gstreamer" but now you need to version
it.  Use "gstreamer-0.6" (or 0.7 if you're using CVS HEAD code).

> Is it a "bug" in the manual or in pkgconfig or am I missing something ?

It's a bug.  Please file a report in gstreamer bugzilla about this and
similar problems so they can be (eventually) fixed.


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