[gst-devel] audio/raw float caps format

Steve Baker steve at stevebaker.org
Sat Jun 28 18:38:03 CEST 2003

Leif said:
> (I've never heard of 16-channel interlaced
> audio before ...)

Audio might come out of multi-channel sound cards looking like this - I
thing the mime types should support big numbers even if real apps will
deinterlace audio like this as soon as it gets the chance.

> The relevant part of the mimetypes file would then read thusly :
> '''
> Preface - properties for all audio formats:
>   'rate' = 8000 - 192000 (INT) <- sampling rate
>   'channels' = 1 - 2 (INT) <- number of audio channels

Why the artificial limitations? There is no extra effort with keeping
the definition broad, and it avoids annoying someone in the future who
has wacky mutant requirements.

How about:
  'rate' = 1 - MAXINT (INT) <- sampling rate
  'channels' = 1 - MAXINT (INT) <- number of audio channels


Steve Baker <steve at stevebaker.org>

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