[gst-devel] subtitle elements

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Wed May 14 00:02:05 CEST 2003


I'm testing out and working on Gustavo's excellent subtitle plugins in
gst-sandbox.  Nice work Gustavo !

I've added a typefind function to the SubParse element and that works 
too now.

(btw, I noticed I had a gst-typefind.c lying around in my
gstreamer/tools dir, which does what the name suggests.  Is it OK if I
add this to CVS ?)

Now I need to add what kind of types it actually discovers :)
So I'm taking suggestions for possible mime types for the subtitle

Right now, SubParse detects SubRip and mdvdsub formats.

Some possibilities would be:
- all of them are text/plain, with properties encoding="utf-8",
- make one mime type for each of these formats, which would probably
make them application/x-gst-sub-subrip and so on

I'm leaning towards the second in this case, personally,
but others might have a better clue as to what to use.

Also, the textoverlay plugin is taking in text/x-pango-markup.  I don't
know if this is an official MIME type ? Otherwise, since textoverlay is
using pango, this is a good choice IMO.  I'm wondering if it might be
good to make textoverlay accept both x-pango-markup and general
text/plain, and make the subparse element serve the most appropriate one
of these two.

Gustavo, a few questions:

a) when running with output colorspace ! xvideosink disable-xv=true, the
text is not displayed correctly (I have dark italic shadows offset to
the right of the text).  Might be a colorspace issue or you not properly
checking the colorspace being used ? If you want I can make a
b) I don't see why you would use x0 and y0 as arguments - can I change
them to x and y ?

Otherwise, great work, thanks for getting this started !!!


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