[gst-devel] Application events?

Ronald Bultje R.S.Bultje at pharm.uu.nl
Wed May 21 06:34:12 CEST 2003

Hey Martin,

On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 14:47, Martin Soto wrote:
> Any clues how I can solve this problem cleanly?

Plugins can - if needed - have private GstEvent subclasses. Of course,
we'd prefer a generalized event that can be properly integrated in the
core, but only if it's of general use. :-).

> P. S. By the way, my DXR3 plugins are working nicely for video and audio
> (both PCM, analog and digital, and direct AC3 output to the decoder are
> supported) with very accurate hardware based synchronization.  During
> the last days, I've already watched several complete films, with rock
> solid playback (using a hacked up python script as main application,
> thanks David!) and no visible sync problems.  I'm ready to release the
> plugins as LGPL, and contribute them to GStreamer.  What would be the
> steps to have them integrated? +

Rock on!

Basic approach is to prepare a patch for CVS/HEAD and add it to bugzilla
- we'll apply it. If wanted, we can add it to gst-sandbox (separate
"playing" module) first for additional testing.

Anyway, nice work! I have a DXR3 too, so I'm eager to test all this.
Thanks for the work!


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