[gst-devel] The Xine Plugin and GstBuffers

Taylor Christopher P ct at cs.clemson.edu
Fri May 23 23:22:06 CEST 2003

Hey everyone!

I'm working on the xine-lib plugin and I'm at the part where I get to try
to connect a GstBuffer into xine.

right now, the way things look is kinda weird. I've written 2 plugins, a
gstreamer plugin and a xine plugin.

so it works like this, the  xine plugin connects a gstreamer-stream into
xine and the gstreamer plugin connects a xine-stream into gstreamer.

now for my question. How does GstBuffer work in gstreamer? I noticed that
there's a GST_BUFFER_MAXSIZE and GST_BUFFER_SIZE macro in gstbuffer.h. Is a
"maxsize" equivalent to the streams' total size while a "size" is the size
of the current buffer?

And I'm going to venture a guess that a GstBufferPool is just a way of
reusing GstBuffers to read an entire media stream?

Christopher Paul Taylor, Clemson University Computer Science Dept.

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