[gst-devel] Perl and varargs...

Benjamin Otte in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de
Sun May 25 05:54:03 CEST 2003

There exists bug 90471 in bugzilla about this.
Please add patches and comments there. A varargs function would clearly
make sense IMO.


On Sat, 24 May 2003, Brett Kosinski wrote:

> I haven't officially announced anything yet, but I'm currently working on
> a set of Perl bindings for GStreamer.  However, I've encountered a problem
> with the API which makes it incredibly difficult to bind certain
> functions.
> In particular, I've encountered a number of functions
> (gst_autoplug_to_caps, gst_autoplug_to_renderers, etc) which take variable
> number of arguments, but don't offer a variant which takes a va_list
> structure (like vsprintf).  Currently, the only way I can work around this
> is to directly call the class method, which does take a variable list.
> eg:
> if (oclass->autoplug_to_caps)
>   element = (oclass->autoplug_to_caps)(autoplug, srccaps,
>                                        sinkccaps, vargs);
> Clearly, this isn't desirable, since I'm delving into the inner workings
> of the class, rather than using the published interface.  So, the question
> is, can new variants be added which take va_list structures?  Heck, I
> could implement these and provide patches to 0.6.1, if necessary.  I'm
> thinking something like this:
> GstElement*
> gst_autoplug_capsv(GstAutoplug *autoplug, GstCaps *caps,
>                    GstCaps *sinkcaps, va_list ap);
> Brett.
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