[gst-devel] [PATCH] Fix ambigious parameter types in signals...

Brett Kosinski brettk at frodo.dyn.gno.org
Mon May 26 08:44:09 CEST 2003

As per my previous email, there are a bunch of cases where G_TYPE_POINTER
is being used to specify types for signals when a specific type should
probably used (unless there's some reason I'm not aware of for not
specifying the type).  The attached patch changes the parameters for these
callbacks to specify the correct type in each case (assuming I got it
right :).

Note, there are a couple cases still left (mostly in the XML
loading/saving stuff) that I haven't to fixed yet, simply because I
haven't looked into how I'm going to bind that stuff yet.  IOW, I don't
care yet. :)  I've also left out the patch for gsttypefind (the caps
stuff) since there's still some question of how to handle that case.

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