[gst-devel] New DXR3 plugin in bugzilla

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Thu May 29 07:49:01 CEST 2003

Hey Martin,

I've applied the patch to CVS. Some starting comments/hints for some

On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 02:05, Martin Soto wrote:
> The plugin supports only playback to an external tv set for now (I'll
> eventually support the overlay as well).  Also, in order to achieve
> proper
> synchronization, it is necessary to play both sound and video
> using the DXR3 card.

I've noted that too. I'm guessing the video/audio part of the DXR3 form
a well-integrated A/V sync whole?

In Gst, you would normally use GstClock for A/V sync. If you succeed in
integrating the DXR3 audio/video sync stuff into the GstClock objects,
sync will be fine with osssink as well.

> gst-launch dvdnavsrc title=1 chapter=1 ! mpegdemux name=demux
> .private_stream_1_0 ! .ac3_sink dxr3audiosink demux.video_00 ! { queue !
> dxr3videosink }
> (if somebody tells me why putting the audio sink in a thread does not
> work in this case, I'll appreciate it greatly.)

Well, assuming you use a queue, it should work. If not, it's probably
GStreamer bug. I'm not exactly sure where to start debugging this. Can
you get information from a --gst-mask=-1 log? Or push one to bugzilla
for us to review?

> Playing to an external AC3 decoder works with pretty accurate
> synchronization.  Playing with software decoding (I'm watching Gattaca
> this way right now) still seems to have some slight problems, that
> could be caused by the way timestamps are handled in a52dec.  I'll try
> to look into it this week.

Yes, timing isn't perfect. You sometimes notice small "hickups" in the
sound, just as when the soundcard is not getting enough data or so.

CPU usage isn't even close to 100%, so I'm guessing a52dec isn't
decoding all data or pushing all data forward. Probably a plugin bug

> That's it for now.  Test if you can and let me know of your results.

Well, they work well, thanks! I'm looking forward to your app.


PS: if you want, you can place the app into Gst CVS or so, it's probably
possible to get you CVS access into our Gst CVS for that.

Ronald Bultje <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net>

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