[gst-devel] Re: [gst-cvs] dolphy gst-plugins: gst-plugins/sys/ximage/

Julien MOUTTE jmoutte at electronic-group.com
Thu Nov 13 08:44:27 CET 2003

> > - Removed pointer coordinates translation in navigation_send_event as
> > we are not doing scaling. videoscale should convert those events is
> > scaling there is.
> Oops.  I meant to change this so that it handled the case where the
> video does not match the window size and therefore is centered in
> the window.

I haven't been able to test that case as navigationtest is only
supporting YUV so videotestsrc ! navigationtest ! ximagesink is not

I will implement offset in the case of centered picture but we have to
discuss what happens if videoscale is not in the pipeline ?
gst_pad_try_set_caps will fail and we are not doing anything ?

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