[gst-devel] STABLE: almost release-ready except for spider and mpeg2dec

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Sun Oct 5 13:59:02 CEST 2003

Hey gang,

I managed to close all bugs for 0.6.4 except 1.

This one is a bug where spider fails on files < 150 KB.  Ronald, you
submitted a patch for it, and it makes it slightly better, but still
does not work.  Could you let me know if you think you could definately
fix it, or should we postpone ?

There is one very annoying problem we still have.  mpeg2dec > 0.3.1 (ie,
cvs) does not work with GStreamer at all.  Since most other apps out
there did upgrade to the new API (we compile against it, but it doesn't
work), it's hard to convince people to keep using 0.3.1 instead.  I know
we need to convince walken to release more often, but even so, it would
be very nice if someone would dig in and fix what is going wrong there.

Ronald, I think you said on IRC you were going to make an attempt at

Your help in both issues would be very appreciated :) I hope to release
0.6.4 for both core and plug-ins very soon.

Is there anyone else who has bugs left that need fixing ? Speak up or
wait till the next one.


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