[gst-devel] Re: 0.8 in 2.6 ?

Ted Gould ted at gould.cx
Mon Oct 6 08:33:12 CEST 2003

Hey cool, I had this same question.

I'd love to see 0.8 for 2.6, I believe that there is support of mixing
elements (like intefacing to the driver mixing) in 0.8.  This would make
it so that the volume controls could support both OSS and ALSA in a
single build (which would be cool).

I'll also say that it would be nice if this was decided quickly, as
there is much work to do if it does make it in.  Volume control will
pretty much have to be rewritten.


On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 07:18, in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de wrote:
> Hi people,
> I'm out for opinions again.
> There's 2 questions I really want to get nailed down, because I want to steer 
> our development and Rhythmbox into the right direction.
> 1) Do we want GStreamer 0.8 released in time for Gnome 2.6?
> This means: Can we add all the features to the core that are needed for 
> everything we want supported with that release? We do not need to get all the 
> plugins feature-complete as they can be extended later on. Another thing is 
> obviously: Do apps using GStreamer need 0.8 or are they all happily using 0.6?
> 2) What features do we need that need API/ABI changes and that should go into 
> 0.8?
> I'd like to get that sorted out now so I know if there are deadlines we 
> need/want to meet. Some people said we want that while others weren't sure we'd 
> be able to meet that deadline.
> And I definitely don't want to look bad again in front of the release team when 
> we slip schedules again.
> As for my personal opinion: 
> 1)
> I want 0.8 in 2.6. I hate it that loads of our developers power is lost on some 
> dead-end branch where it could put to use to do important stuff on the branch 
> that has a future.
> 2)
> The features that come to mind immediately are
> - interactivity
> - tags
> - gettext support
> - interfaces
> Features that could be implemented without breaking API/ABI later on - during a 
> stable 0.8 branch:
> - more interfaces/implementing interfaces in the plugins
> - a new autoplugger
> - more plugins
> - an extensive testsuite
> So much for me,
> Benjamin
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