[gst-devel] help with event-based seeking in MPEG1 video

Jeremy Gwinnup jgwinnup at mbvlab.wpafb.af.mil
Mon Oct 6 10:59:01 CEST 2003


I'm trying to unravel setting up a seek bar similar to gst-player in my
video annotation application.  This application plays MPEG 1 video and
associated external metadata.

I've tried viewing my source video in gst-player 0.6.0 (on a debian box)
and the seek-bar on gst-player does not work. 

The big question is this: Is event-based seeking (a la windows media
player) supported for MPEG 1/2 streams, and if so, where can I find an
example to get help with this?

Thanks for your time

Jeremy Gwinnup
Software/Systems Engineer
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
phone: (937) 904-9023
fax:   (937) 656-7425
email: jgwinnup at mbvlab.wpafb.af.mil

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