[gst-devel] Re: [gst-cvs] dschleef gst-plugins: gst-plugins/sys/v4l2/

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Mon Oct 13 01:46:03 CEST 2003

Hi Dave,

On Sat, 2003-10-11 at 02:20, David Schleef wrote:
> Log message:
> another file that needs to be added
> Modified files:
>     sys/v4l2        : gstv4l2element-marshal.list

No, these are no longer needed. Anybody who sees they does, is seeing a
bug (missing removal of the header from other files, I don't know). The
marshallers are no longer needed.


Ronald Bultje <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net>
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