[gst-devel] GStreamer 0.6.4 "Moo" is out

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Mon Oct 13 12:10:07 CEST 2003

Attached are the release notes.  Some thirtyfive-ish bugs are fixed
since 0.6.3.

Packages will follow soon.


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                        GStreamer "Moo" 0.6.4 released

   The  GStreamer  team  is  proud  to  announce  a  new  version  in the
   ABI-stable 0.6.x series.

   At  this  point  in  time  GStreamer  is fully functional for creating
   audio-based   applications,   as   shown   by   applications  such  as
   gnome-sound-recorder,      [1]rhythmbox,      [2]sound-juicer      and

   The  video part is known to be somewhat less functional than the audio
   part, but applications such as [3]gst-player work very well.

   We  will  also be releasing a development 0.7 release series, in which
   we  will  work  on  the  remaining  issues,  such as the interactivity
   support  which  is  needed  for  DVD menus and SWF (Flash). This means
   developers  working  on  apps  needing  these services can use the 0.7
   series  for development and then enable 0.6 support as these additions
   optionally get backported to 0.6 once they are stable and work well.

   The  GStreamer  applications we ship all check for both gstreamer-0.6,
   gstreamer-libs-0.6  and  gstreamer-play-0.6; if those aren't found the
   0.7  version  of those files are checked for. We suggest anyone making
   GStreamer-based apps do the same.

   We are starting to have a really nice collection of applications under
   development using GStreamer. If you are looking for something specific
   check out our [4]applications status page.


     * Pipeline based media architecture
     * Over 130 plugins
     * All parts interchangeable
     * Few  dependencies,  only  glib,  popt  and libxml for core (libxml
     * Python Language bindings
     * Good documentation
     * Widely deployed through bundling with GNOME 2.2/2.4
     * Design catering also for applications needing low-latency
     * Highly portable, already running on most mainstream CPU's
     * Modular  design and use of 3rd party best of breed libraries means
       no bloat
     * LGPL  licensing  lays  no  restrictions  on application developers
     * Easy  for  applications  to  ship their own plugins to the core as
     * Compiles with both GCC and Forte compilers
     * Tested to run on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris

Updates since 0.6.4

     * gstreamer (core)
          + #119456:   [5][PATCH]  assertion  `GST_IS_SCHEDULER  (sched)'
          + #90471:  [6][0.6.x/patch]  Autoplug  functions only available
            with varargs
          + #114252:  [7][PATCH]  opt scheduler: implement unlinking pads
            in different
          + #115005: [8][PATCH] Fails to compile on OpenBSD
          + #119155: [9]rhythmbox head fails to play a second song in the
          + #119770: [10]FreeBSD names libtool 1.4 libtool14
          + #120345: [11][PATCH] backport of --gst-disable-cpu-opt
          + #120785:  [12][PATCH]  bison  and yacc generated files aren't
          + #120960: [13]Failed to compile gstreamer 0.6.3 with gcc 3.3.1
          + #121311: [14][PATCH] Compilation Error
          + #122272:  [15][PATCH] [0.6.4] GST_CAPS_IS_FIXED is broken, as
            well as prop
          + #123137:  [16][PATCH] Compilation fails when size_t is not an
            unsigned int
          + #123518: [17][PATCH] opt shouldn't add groups to run queue if
            they're alr
          + #123542: [18]inactive pads should be able to push a buffer if
            their peer
          + #124124: [19]docbook docs don't build properly
          + #122059: [20]gst-md5sink needs a way to handle threads
          + #123417: [21][PATCH] fix popt default scheduler description
          + #123517: [22]more opt scheduler debug info
     * gst-plugins
          + #116077: [23][PATCH] sinesrc has problems in waveform
          + #121165: [24]Compilation errors due to invalid -Wall option
          + #121174:  [25]Compiler  error in gst-libs/gst/riff/riffutil.c
            #define and v
          + #121175: [26]Compiler error in
            gst-libs/gst/media-info/media-info.c with
          + #121184: [27][PATCH] ffmpeg requires gcc on x86 (at least)
          + #121872:    [28]gst-plugins    fails   to   compile   against
          + #122458:  [29]Adding  a  visualisation  video  size signal to
          + #122481: [30][PATCH] wavenc is somehow broken
          + #123306: [31]Add error messages to cdparanoia plugin
          + #123896:  [32]xvideosink  does  too little parameter checking
            and uses wrong
          + #123939: [33]libgstplay : small fixes
          + #123946: [34][PATCH] mpeg2dec-0.3.2-cvs run failure
          + #121143:  [35][PATCH]  FLAC  files with id3 tags fail to play
            (can't find me
          + #122031: [36]mpeg2dec plugin breaks against 0.3.2 cvs
          + #123516: [37]adder unrefs the bufferpool wrongly

GStreamer Homepage

   More  details on these features can be found on the project's website,

Support and Bugs

   We  use [39]Gnome's Bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests. The
   "product  name"  is  GStreamer  (capital  G).  Please do the following
   before writing a bug report :
gst-feedback &> feedback 2>&1

   and  attach  the  file  "feedback" to your bug report, so that we have
   some information useful in the debugging process.


   GStreamer  is [40]hosted on SourceForge. All code is in CVS and can be
   checked  out  from  there.  Interested developers of the core library,
   plug-ins,  and  applications  should  subscribe to the gstreamer-devel
   list.  If  there  is  sufficient interest we will create more lists as

   We  are  still  looking  for  people  with access to FreeBSD, Solaris,
   HP-UX,  Irix  and  True64  that  would  be willing to try building and
   testing  GStreamer.  Patches  fixing  such problems are also more than

Contributors to this release

  Patches to the core of GStreamer

     * Brett Kosinski
     * David Schleef
     * Thomas Vander Stichele
     * Jerry Talkington

  Plugins and Sample Applications

     * Damien Carbery
     * Ronald Bultje
     * Julien Moutte
     * J??r??my Simon
     * Ross Burton


     * Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller


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