[gst-devel] First video overlay interface proposal

Ramón García ramon_garcia_f at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 03:08:02 CEST 2003

All I can say is that the interface looks reasonable
to me. I have not studied the problem as you did, so I
can't  have an opinion.

However, instead of code that implements the
interface, could you give some hints for undestanding
it? How is the interface supposed to be used? Should
the application discover that one as an overlay
capable TV card and invoke overlay methods on the

Persoanlly I would prefer to implement overlays with
buffers and caps. 

For instance, let us have a TV card and a screen.
Overlay allow the TV card to send frames to the 
screen without CPU use. My solution would be that both
the TV card element and the xvideo element support an
caps mime type, preferred by both is supported by the
other peer, that consists in sending through overlays.
The buffer data consists in whatever data the xvideo
element needs after each frame is received.


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