[gst-devel] Re: TARBALLS DUE: GStreamer delivered

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller uraeus at gnome.org
Wed Oct 22 09:15:09 CEST 2003

We just released GStreamer 0.7.1 today. It is meant as the unstable
release series for GNOME 2.5 leading up to shipping 0.8.0 with GNOME

As you all know we have been doing a stable GStreamer 0.6.x series now
for the GNOME 2.2 and GNOME 2.4, but since the 0.6.x branch has reached
its peaked we felt it was time to move forward with a new stable series
based of CVS head.

While this do constitute a breakage of ABI we will work together with
Ted to make sure gnome-media is working well with the new branch. (I
think sound-recorder also works with 0.7?)
The new release will be mostly source compatible actually, which is why
you can use current Rhythmbox with both the 0.6.x branch and this new
0.7.x branch. 
We will also migrate the mixers in GNOME to using GStreamer with this
release. Code for this is in GStreamer 0.7.1 and we have a new GNOME
mixer in the gst-sandbox CVS module on gst.net. This we will try and get
moved into gnome-multimedia as soon as possible to replace the current
mixer. The advantage of this is that we can compile the gnome-mixer once
and it will work with both ALSA and OSS under Linux or OSS or Solaris
Audio on Solaris (1).

The new 0.7.x branch has a lot of improvements compared to the 0.6
branch, especially for video applications as it supports more formats
both for decoding/demuxing and for muxing/encoding.

It also features good error handling, better typefinding and soon a new
metadata system.

There is probably also a tonn of other stuff in here I don't even
remember now. Many people have been hacking on this for quite some while
now in CVS :)

Another feature of 0.7.x is that Thomas will soon be working fulltime on
it :)

I am working on a small technical summary of what we did at the
GStreamer meeting in Barcelona last month and what we plan ahead.

We will also be making a normal release announcement for GStreamer 0.7.1
with more details, but my planned effort on that today was derailed as I
was commandeered elsewhere as part of my service to Larry :)

(1) Solaris Audio and Alsa implementations missing atm, but we hope to
solve that soonish :) 

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