[gst-devel] Video overlay interface and video elements brokenness

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Sun Oct 26 08:57:08 CET 2003

On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 17:08, Julien MOUTTE wrote:
> I am ok with your proposal could you implement the X overlay interface
> as you already did most of it for v4l ?
> I will then use that interface in libgstplay and gst-player..

Deal, I'll try to finish it early this week (expect it ready by
wednesday or so) for xvideosink and sdlvideosink. The others (aasink-x
etc.) will be done later.


Ronald Bultje <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net>
Linux Video/Multimedia developer

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