[gst-devel] typefinding

Benjamin Otte in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de
Sun Oct 26 17:58:26 CET 2003

Hi guys,

The typefinding rewrite is working properly now in the TYPEFIND branch (of
both gstreamer and gst-plugins). I'd like everybody to comment on it and
throw hard to detect files at it, so I can see if it really works and you
like it.

The API is in gstreamer/gst/gsttypefind.[ch].
The typefind element is in gstreamer/gst/gst{typefind,bufferstore}.[ch]
and is really complicated because it is supposed to (and does) handle
Simpler typefinding elements can be found in
gstreamer/gst/autoplug/gstspideridentity.c and

I have put every typefind function that doesn't require a lib (that is
anything but ffmpeg) into a new plugin, so now typefinding doesn't load
every plugin in the world anymore. That new plugin is located in
gst/typefind/gsttypefindfunctions.c and shows how easy it is to write
typefind functions now.

I hope to get the updated API documentation done tomorrow.
I'm in need of tests though as I have no idea how to test typefinding
without throwing valid data at it.


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