[gst-devel] Two v4lsrc related problems

Thomas Kuleßa thomas.kulessa at epost.de
Thu Apr 1 12:51:13 CEST 2004


Am Do, den 01.04.2004 schrieb Ronald Bultje um 17:33:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Thomas [ISO-8859-1] Kulea wrote:
> > ...
> > channel to e.g. S-Video, it is still on the default (TV). I tracked this
> > down and it seems that the ioctl call in v4l_calls.c in the v4l plugin
> > directory fails.
> > I compared my code to the specific parts in gst-record, but it seems
> > very similar.
> v4l has no way of acquiring the current channel, so this part breaks
> easily. I keep the last-set channel in a variable, but maybe I broke that
> some day. Please make a bug report for this.
I  think it is rather my stupidity than a bug, since in gst-record the
same feature works (with a more complex element graph). Anyway I
attached a short program (channeltest.c), which shows how I did it.
The output is:

Opened device 'BT878(Pinnacle PCTV Studio/Ra)' ('/dev/video0')
Got 2 buffers ('YUV-4:2:2 (packed)') of size 2080 KB
Label: Composite1
Label: Television

> > ...
> > Obviously the error is in myfilter, but in both cases its inputs,
> > outputs are YUV2 buffers.
> I cannot reproduce this, filters work fine for me... Can you provide
> source for the filter?
See file "gstthresholdfilter.c". You need gstvideofilter.[c|h] from 
to compile it. I wrote another filter which behaves the same way.

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