[gst-devel] Two v4lsrc related problems

Thomas Kuleßa thomas.kulessa at epost.de
Fri Apr 2 09:44:06 CEST 2004

Hi David,

Am Do, den 01.04.2004 schrieb David Schleef um 23:45:
> > ...
> > I explored this issue a bit more an found out, that several, if not all of the standard filter plugins, do
> > not work with the v4lsrc. With the videotestsrc they work fine.
> > I tried 
> > gstreamer-launch-0.8 v4lsrc device=/dev/video0 ! <filter> ! x(v)image,
> > wheras <filter> was videocrop, videobalance, edgeTV, agingTV and others.
> This is normal, as some elements only support certain colorspaces.
> In particular, the effectv elements all require 32-bit RGB.
> videocrop and videobalance only support I420.  Adding
> ffmpegcolorspace between elements helps.
Thanks very much, that helps. One problem less;-) But I would expect,
that such a pipeline wouldn't run at all, since pad negotiation should
fail. What happens in such a case?  A random colorspace is chosen?


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