[gst-devel] 2004 KDE Conference

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sat Apr 10 10:15:02 CEST 2004

After things got a bit messed up last year with the GStreamer talk I thought 
I'd get an early start this year.  ;-)

The KDE 2004 conference will be from 21-29 August, 2004 near Stuttgart, 
Germany.  The call for papers will come later this week and registration 
should start relatively soon.

I've already done a bit of talking to folks on doing cross-project work at the 
conference and it seems that developers from other OSS projects interested in 
integrative work with KDE will have access to the same resources that KDE 
developers do -- i.e. the rooms we have organized (and our rates), no 
conference fees, etc.  i.e. Any of you interested in going can just register 
as a KDE developer on the registration page.  (But also let me know if you 

There's more information here:


There are also some tentative plans to set up a multimedia workshop there to 
discuss stuff for KDE's multimedia plans for KDE 4.  It's likely that we may 
also have someone from NMM (and possibly others) there for that portion of 

Anyway -- if you're interested in doing a talk, please let me know.  Speakers 
can also apply for compensation on travel costs (though this is only 
available on an as-needed basis).



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