[gst-devel] Re: Re: [Matroska-devel] Why porting Gstreamer toWindows would hurt Redmond .....

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Fri Apr 16 10:53:03 CEST 2004

"Thomas Vander Stichele" wrote...
> a) The actual implementation discussion was held on the matroska mailing
> list when it should have been held on the GStreamer mailing list.  If
> the technical problem is about GStreamer code that needs changing to run
> on Windows, it should be discussed on the GStreamer mailing list.  To me
> that seems clear.

As it was largely a Matroska team issue, it was better to have it in the
Matroska ML to make sure the team knew what was happenning.  We are all very
lazy and don't like to check other lists.  Regardless, it should have occurred
on both lists as a cross post.

> b) When discussing the actual implementation, "the Matroska team" should
> regard Ronald's opinions as his own, and not as the GStreamer team's.
> To me that seems fairly clear as well - if Ronald says he doesn't care
> about Windows, that doesn't mean GStreamer doesn't care about it.
> Likewise, if Ronald says "a patch will be refused" it doesn't
> necessarily mean the GStreamer team will refuse it.

Ronald is the liason between Matroska and GStreamer.  This is much like Mosu is
the mplayer liason,  thedj is the VideoLanC liason, and others are liasons for
other projects and groups. As part of keeping communications simple, the
Matroska team uses and depends on these liasons to communicate accurate
information from their respective teams or groups.  It is simply to difficult to
maintain communications like this with groups as a whole.  So, the Matroska team
speaks only to Ronald for anything GStreamer related.  Of course, for porting
GStreamer, it probably is big enough to talk to the entire group.

Its not like anybody is picked as a liason, it is simply the people that show
enough interest in Matroska that they take a part in its development.  If you
want to pick someone else that you feel is more competent to do this, the go
right ahead.  However, I can't say that anybody has ever been unsatisfied with
the work that Ronald has done.  Quite the opposite, he is amazing.  (Well, there
was that one weird EBML size thing in his code, but that is neither here nor

> d) Announcing a fork is not a good way to address communication
> breakdowns.  It makes both teams look very silly and immature :)

No need to get offended.  Forking is simply a big part of the Matroska teams
personality.  Matroska is itself a fork from an different container project.
Even the mention of spoons will throw some team members into a violent fit of
rage.  And don't even get me started on sporks and such.  Bastard utensils from
hell!  Really, if I went there you would see this whole thread go off topic as
the flame war raged.  This really needs to stay a Matroska/GStreamer discussion,
not a Matroska/alt.utensils.spoon flamewar guys.  Just try and stay focused just
this once.


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