[gst-devel] Reading DV frames from a handheld video camera (Firewire)?

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Thu Apr 22 19:35:06 CEST 2004

* David Topper <topper at virginia.edu> [2004-04-21T19:17:09-0400]:
> My last venture into gstreamer wasn't all that productive.  But someone 
> now told me that it has a DV plugin?  I'm wondering if this is true, and 
> if in fact I might now be able to use gstreamer to read / write:
> - V4L video frames (read)
> - DV video (read)
> - various + effects (write / display to screen)
> I have a little Gnome/GTK app which I'd like to clean up by using 
> potentially one library, instead of currently three:  V4l, dvgrab, and 
> SDL (for video output).

Simple things should work.  I haven't tried v4l code in a while though.
In theory you should be able to use v4lsrc, dv1394src, dvdec,
xvimagesink, and encoders and effects you need.  Probably even in a
simple pipeline on the command line something like this (untested):

$ gst-launch dv1394src ! dvdec ! edgeTV | xvimagesink


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