[gst-devel] tcp elements

Zeeshan Ali zeelists at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 12:37:09 CEST 2004


> I've been looking over the tcp src and sink we have
> currently.  It only
> works in some simple cases, and the code isn't very
> clean, so I started
> cleaning it up a little.


> While this works, part of the code
> of tcpsink seems to
> suggest it can try to accept more than one client. 
> For general tcp
> servers this is fine, however I don't see the sense
> in having a src
> element in the GStreamer world accepting data from
> more than one tcpsink
> client at a time :)

     Yeah, I don't remember why did i do that and why
did that guy from spain (I am not good at remembering
names but I know that it was'nt Ramon) did'nt point
this out. 
> The
> difference lies in which pipe needs to be started
> first,

     Can we provide both modes in both? I mean if
either of the src and sink could be run as server or a

> and the fact
> that a tcpsink server implementation can accept more
> than one client
> consuming the data, which would be useful in some
> scenarios.
    Yeah that would be a good idea.

> Does anyone mind if I rework the plugins, and create
> tcpserversink,
> tcpclientsink, tcpserversrc and tcpclientsrc ? 

    Nope, not atleast me. :) BTW, keeping tcp plugins
simple was because of the fact that I wrote them to be
used by the RTP/RTSP plugins. As we have'nt progressed
any further on the RTP/RTSP side, making the tcp
plugins a little better would be a good idea. Bye.

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