[gst-devel] some ideas for a gnome love shot

Ploum ploum at mitose.net
Sun Apr 25 13:37:56 CEST 2004

Ronald S. Bultje a écrit :
> Hey dudes,


I will contribute my little user experience.

> I recently talked to Jeff and some others regarding our lack of
> acceptance in the playback part of GNOME so far (as opposed to Xine).
> Take Totem; pretty much anyone uses the Xine backend, and that's mostly
> because it's simply better than then GStreamer backend.

First : it's mostly because totem use xine by default in most distros !
  Most people cannot tell the difference between an UI and a backend !
If you install totem and it works, why should you changge anything ?
apt-get install totem or whatever...

Even myself (myself = big gstreamer fan and evangelist) don't have totem
with gstreamer. Simply because I use gst-player to test gstreamer and
because I don't want to recompile totem.

I think that a very good idea will be to convince the debian totem
maintener to use the gstreamer backend, at least in experimental or to
make a totem-gst package so more people can try it out and test.

Second : Yes, Totem with Xine is far more reliable thant gst-player.
I have lot of problem with audio in gstreamer. But it appears that I
have a very bad soundcard. I agree with it and I have a lot of problem,
but mplayer use it very good, Xine can use it with some pain but
gstreamer cannot use it without luck and a lot of tweaking.

Video : Often it refuses to play video files. since I play a lot with my
config, I don't know if it is my fault or the gstreamer one. Next time I
  have it I will ask on IRC.

Stupid little thing : Yes, this is stupid, but.. eh..I'm an user here ;)
: The goom plugin when playing music is simply prettier in totem+xine
than in gst-player. Yes, I know.. silly.

Conclusion : I'm a big gstreamer fan. But on my box, gstreamer is only
used for tests and for developement. From the user POV, the experience
is very bad. Perhaps antoher soundcard than a Nforce2 is better but a
lot of people will have this hardware now...

> In the end, the idea is:
> * improve GStreamer media support (technical).
> * fix GStreamer bugs related to Totem-gst (technical).
> * improve the understanding in the general public that we're out there
> to make a great product that is usable for them, and that we're working
> hard on fixing their bugs (marketing).

I will be happy to contribute to gst evangelisation ;).

IMHO, gstreamer needs more User Documentation. There's somes good
developper doc, but nothing for end users.  I mean some documentation
explaining how to use the gst-player with GUI and how to configure it
with graphical tools in gnome without using the CML.  But maybe this is
not needed right now, since the targetted audience for now is more
advanced users that can report bugs.

This is my 0.02€ user's contrib


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