[gst-devel] Win32-GSTElements

Larry Berlinski LBerlinski at inspireworksinc.com
Thu Dec 2 06:38:05 CET 2004

Steve Lhomme said:
>Larry Berlinski a écrit :
>> Was there a reason why the files gstmultifilesrc.c/.h 
>and gstpipefilter.c/.h were not included in the msvc71 
>(under win32) in the gstelements solution and why mman.c is?
>If that's a new elements, the project file was probably not updated. 
>Otherwise if it's in the same dir as mman.c it should be included.

The gst...c/.h files are found in the gst/elements directory, while mman.c/.h/.inl files are found only in the win32 directory, and without the usual GStreamer's copyright, or the LGPL boilerplate.

The reason I ask is that compling using a cygwin make fails at the point when gstmultifilesrc.o is being linked because 'MADV_SEQUENTIAL' is undelared in the gst_multifilesrc_open_file function which has a implicit declaration of function 'madvise'.

It seems that similar code in gstfilesrc.c is bypassed due to a '#ifdef MADV_SEQUENTIAL', which is missing in gstmultifilesrc.c, which leads me to think that if gstmultifilesrc.c were added to the gstelements solution, it would fail in MSVC as well ...

I have no idea what this madvise code in the gst source is doing or how "mman" code is being used.


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