[gst-devel] New to Gstreamer - trying to play Quicktime movie

naes yllek naesyllek at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 2 15:57:06 CET 2004


I'm still new to using Gstreamer and have slowly been
getting to grips with the pipeline. My first test was
using the videotestsrc which displays fine :)

In my attempts to learn more I tried playing a
quicktime movie using the following pipeline;

gst-launch filesrc location=mymovie.mov ! sdlvideosink

an image is displayed but is garbled, I understand
this is because I havent chosen a decoder for the
source video.

Therefore when I use a pipeline with the apporpriate

gst-launch filesrc location=mymovie.mov ! qtdemuxer !
{ demux.video_00 ! sdlvideosink }

a solid colour is just displayed.

What is the correct pipelines I should use to play the
quicktime movie initially just the image and then both
image & audio?



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