[gst-devel] 0.9 proposals

Christophe Fergeau teuf at gnome.org
Mon Dec 6 15:00:08 CET 2004

Le samedi 04 décembre 2004 à 14:22 +0100, Ronald S. Bultje a écrit :
> * avidemux and qtdemux work, but only if you do this after header
> reading. This only works because they index their data and don't read
> data lineairly. They will die when doing this during header reading.

When I wrote my shn plugin (yeah, it's not a demuxer, but the code also
sucks ;) I didn't really know what to do if there was a failure during
header reading (eg while reading info necessary for negotiation). So the
PWG should probably have an example of such a thing and tell what a
plugin should do when such a failure occurs (that's more or less what
BBB means, but I wanted to insist on that)

Hope that's helpful input,

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