[gst-devel] State of DParams

Stefan Kost kost at imn.htwk-leipzig.de
Sat Dec 18 04:37:04 CET 2004

hi all,

a few month agao there was a discussion about the current DParams
implementation. Steve Bakker was planing to submit some note about changes he
would like to do. This unfortunately not yet happend.
A few days ago I asked him, if he could at least please outline what he dislike
about the current implementation and what he would like to change.
I've not yet received an answer.

The problem is that the buzztard-project is needing a mechanism like DParams.
We now have a student as a new project member who would like to develop a simple
synthesizer plugin. He needs some fedback on DParams as well.

We've tried to hold back any serious usage of that feature as long as we can.
Right now current DParams can easilly be deprecated as noone is using them apart
the sinesrc, ladspa, volume plugins.

So if anyone can say something to this issue, it would be kind to do it now.


PS.: Steve, please do be upset that I now posted this public, if you cant handle
it right now, please tell us.
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