[gst-devel] future of textoverlay

Jan Schmidt thaytan at mad.scientist.com
Thu Dec 30 04:17:07 CET 2004

<quote who="David Schleef">
> Inspired by Ronald's screenshots of subtitles, I fixed cairotextoverlay
> to look pretty.  It's pretty close to being a drop-in replacement
> for textoverlay (based on pango).

Yeah - it's great to see progress on subtitles after the last person to
touch them slacked off so badly. *ahem*

>  - print text based on a stream of subtitling rules
>  - print text based on a stream of closed-captioning rules

A question for the autoplugging guys: I don't know how to get the
autoplugging bits to know which overlaying element to use for subtitle
streams (or for providing OSD at some point too, I guess). Is this something
that we can do with specialised overlay elements like the ones Dave

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