[gst-devel] patch: gst mixer support for GNOME's volume control applet

Jon Trowbridge trow at ximian.com
Sat Jan 3 12:58:01 CET 2004

On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 14:36, Ronald Bultje wrote:
> At first sight, it looks ok. Note that I didn't actually test it (I'll
> do that in the course of the next few days), so I have no clue whether
> it works. I'm sure you tested that correctly. ;).

Well, it worked for me.  But I've been doing this long enough to know
that doesn't mean anything. :)

> It seems like it'll first use the system mixer, and only if that's not
> available, it will use the GStreamer interface. Is that correct?

No, I think that it should always tries to use GStreamer if it is
available.  The appropriate bit of build-fu from
gnome-applets/configure.in is:

PKG_CHECK_MODULES(MIXER, gstreamer-interfaces-0.7,[P_MIXER=mixer; HAVE_GSTREAMER=true],[
    AC_CHECK_HEADERS(machine/soundcard.h, [P_MIXER=mixer],[ ...

So first we check for gstreamer w/ pkg-config, then if that fails we
look for linux/soundcard.h, etc.


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