[gst-devel] attaching a listener to autoplugging code

Quan Nguyen friday_morning at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 9 09:31:04 CET 2004

I followed the autoplugging example posted in the documentation successfully, and now I would like to attach a listener to the pipeline so that I can pass the audio data to other components.  I understand that the proper way of doing this is to not use a listener and write a plugin, but there is a learning curve for that, and I need to have something working soon as a proof of concept.  

I would like to attach a listener to the pipeline that is created after the proper plugin has been selected by the autoplugger.  But the following code doesn't work:

(after creating the listener and attaching it to a handoff)...

new_element = gst_autoplug_to_renderers(autoplug, caps, listener, osssink, NULL);

The audio plays, but the listener code is never called.


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