[gst-devel] problem using tee and threads

Frank Cheng frank.cheng at eu.sony.com
Fri Jun 4 02:28:03 CEST 2004


I could use command line to make the following function work:

"gst-launch filesrc location=~/demo.dv ! spider ! tee name=t1 t1.src0 ! 
{ queue ! xvimagesink  } t1.src1 ! { queue ! xvimagesink}"

it basically display a piece of video in two windows.

I am now write a code to do this in C. I request new pad from "tee", and 
write a callback function to handle the new_pad_created event.  In the  
callback funtion, new threads are created and added to the main pipeline.

However, when I run the rogram, error message shows
"...GStreamer-WARNING **: Name thread is not unique in bin pipeline, not 

It looks as though the second thread could not be added to the main 

Am I missing something? Please help.


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