[gst-devel] RE: Win 32 build of 0.8.3

Marc VanDaele Marc_VanDaele at Jabil.com
Thu Jun 10 06:22:20 CEST 2004


Today, I hardly made any progress, mainly because my lack of the gst
Can somebody explain in a few words how eg fakesrc should end up in the
Should gst-inspect detect it automatically (based on some environment
or should I call gst-register first?
In the latter case, should I register fakesrc or the corresponding plugin

I did modify the .defs files located in C:\gstreamer\gstreamer\win32, added
DATA where needed
and added __declspec(dllimport) to the extern declarations as indicated in a
previous mail.
This resulted in a working "gst-inspect bin" (didn't work correctly

Right now, I assume that glib-2.0.dll might also be built with an incorrect
.def file.
1) The error 
	(process:1500): GLib-CRITICAL **: file gutils.c: line 501: assertion
	!= NULL' failed
   at startup is also underneath a glib call (g_get_home_dir in gst.c).
2) In addition, when calling gst-register, I now get a crash in the   
	dir = g_dir_open (dirname, 0, NULL); 
   after executing
      dir =
          g_build_filename ((const char *) iter->data, "register-scripts",
   because there exists no ./register-scripts

Both seem to indicate that the file-related functions in Glib don't function
correctly, possibly because of an incorrect .def file (or because of missing
environment variables?)

Hope this helps,



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