[gst-devel] help with decoding quicktime clips

Amadeus W.M. amadeus84 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 11 14:20:08 CEST 2004

I have a quicktime clip and I'd like to extract (in a buffer of
the appropriate size) in my application each of its frames, uncompressed, 
one at the time, and do some processing on them. 

My gstreamer installation seems to be ok (e.g. I can do
gst-launch filesrc location=cool.mp3 ! ffdec_mp3 ! osssink).

What would be the video analog of the above command, for what I
want to do? I don't know what codec I should use, or what sink.

I did 

gst-inspect | grep -i quicktime 

typefindfunctions: video/quicktime: mov
qtdemux:  qtdemux: QuickTime Demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_mov_mp4_m4a_3gp: FFMPEG QuickTime/MPEG4 format demuxer

Is what I want to do possible with gstreamer? Thanks!

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