[gst-devel] sdlvideosink problem...

Stoyan Karanfilov f_karanfiloff at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 07:57:02 CEST 2004


I want to get some properties from sdlvideosink
element, but I don't know how. I have checked up your
sources of gst-plugins, but they hasn't helped me a
lot. I have a problem with closing sdlvideosink, with
resize and with clearing it. I want to close my
application, but now I have to kill -9 it. The
X-button of the sdl window doesn't seemed to work.
Also I can't get a fullscreen of the sdl screen,
because I don't have any access to SDL_Surface
*screen. How can I access it if I can, and if I can
not what should I do?
I am using sdlvideosink, because I have some knowledge
in sdl programming. 
I can use xvimagesink. But I do know nothing about XV.
If you can tell me how to make fullscreen of
xvimagesink I won't use sdl. I would appreciate any
Thanks in advance!

Best regards: Stoyan

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