[gst-devel] Re: [gst-cvs] company gstreamer: gstreamer/ gstreamer/libs/gst/bytestream/

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Thu Jun 24 06:40:01 CEST 2004


On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Benjamin Otte wrote:
> Modified files:
>     .               : ChangeLog
>     libs/gst/bytestream: filepad.c filepad.h

I didn't look at this yet, but since I was working on something similar in
gst-ffmpeg (for ffmpeg demuxer I/O wrapping), I'm wondering... How do you
handle EOF and seekbacks after that?

Btw this is really cool, I'll try merging the gst-ffmpeg and all other
gst-plugins demuxer I/O wrapping code to use this instead, seems a lot


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