[gst-devel] Debian package for gst-python 0.7.92

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Wed Jun 30 17:41:00 CEST 2004

* Chris AtLee <chris at atlee.ca> [2004-06-28T16:23:34-0400]:
> I've created a Debian package for gst-python 0.7.92, it can be
> downloaded from:
> http://atlee.ca/debian/dists/unstable/contrib/binary-i386/python2.3-gstreamer0.8_0.7.92-1_i386.deb
> The .changes, .dsc and diff file can be found at:
> http://atlee.ca/debian/dists/unstable/contrib/source/
> I'd appreciate help getting this into the main debian repository, so all
> comments / questions are welcome!

Looks fairly good.  Not too much to it I see. ;)

I guess the orig source tarball renaming is due to debian python people
wishes?  I've never understood why it matters.

Why the debian/gst-python* files?

Ahem, in debian/control s/Ruby/Python/ ;)  Also section should probably
be python.

Would it be ok if this packaging is done in the same place as other
gstreamer related packages?  I'm trying to get space for an arch
repository on alioth for this.  I'd like to have a Debian GStreamer Team
that manages the core, plugins, ffmpeg, editor, and player packages in
one spot.  It would be nice to have gst-python there too.  That was my
plan long ago when I ITPed gst-python.  Anyone would be welcome to help
out with the packaging there.

I started to make some changes to debian/rules.  For instance stealing
this snippet from cdbs python-distutils.mk:

$(patsubst %,binary-install/%,$(DEB_PACKAGES)) :: binary-install/%:
	dh_python -p$(cdbs_curpkg)

Also using DEB_INSTALL_EXAMPLES and dropping the _DOCS part since the
text versions of files it was installing are installed by default
anyway.  My insane autogen-the-docs system builds the root README,
AUTHORS, NEWS, etc for the tarball.  I also removed the .la files for
the .so libs.  (I don't think they are needed?)

So, would you be interested in cooperating on alioth?  I'd be happy to
upload these after a few changes are made.

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