[gst-devel] Animation Movies

mammique mammique at lamenagerie.com
Sat May 1 07:19:00 CEST 2004


i'm working in a non-profit organisation for animation movies, i believe
in Free Software and trying to delevelop tools for this domain as i can.
I quickly made a dirty but usefull frontend for shooting and playing
animation movies (volume animation with cameras) using
dvgrab/vgrabbj/gphoto for capture, pygtk & glade for interface, and
mencoder/transcode/mplayer to play and export movies :

Shooting :

Simple editing :

Now i'd like to make a real clean tool from scratch dedicated to
animation shooting. I'd like to :

- capture form different sources, webcams, DV, v4l, gphoto, sane, etc
- display realtime preview from those sources and mix (with previously
grabbed image for exemple)
- manage (ex: loops) list of grabbed images and play it at different
frame rates.
- mix with external helper medias (sound or video) during playing. For
exemple import a vocal sound, and mix it with the lips movements of my
clay character that i'm shooting.
- sync with robots, like a step by step traveling
- export the result in different video file formats, and optionaly
background streaming during shooting (ex: live animation performance in
- use less possible external programs as in a front-end, prefering
bindings of dynamic libraries
- get a quite good performance on a classic machine (256Mo, 1GHz),
PAL/NTSC quality at 25/30 fps would be cool (even if i must disable
filters to get fluidity)

So, is gstreamer (& gst-python) a good choice for what i need ? Or maybe
just for some parts of my needs ?

I compiled lastest stable version on gstreamer on my debian (which only
propose 0.6) to test gst-python. I couldn't get anything playing with 
videoplayer.py but i like the way of coding, i also like python/gtk.

Thank you :-)

mammique <mammique at lamenagerie.com>

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