[gst-devel] FLUSHING event in avidemux

Sebastien Cote sebas642 at yahoo.ca
Sun May 9 05:07:10 CEST 2004


I think I found a bug in the avidemux (or riff-read.c)
but I don't know how to correct it.

When reading the avi, riff-read seeks in the input
file which causes the filesrc to send a FLUSHING
event.  riff then does a gst_pad_event_default() on
the sinkpad of the avidemux which pushes it to the
next element in the pipeline.  But this event
shouldn't leave the avidemux since we're not really
seeking in the media. If there's a queue in the
pipeline, it will empty itself when it receives this

So I intercepted the FLUSHING event in riff-read.c to
get rid of it.  It works, but I think this could break
REAL seeking.

Does anyone know what the correct fix is?



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