[gst-devel] cdxaparse partial rewrite, using RiffRead

Stéphane LOEUILLET stephane.loeuillet at tiscali.fr
Thu May 13 06:29:04 CEST 2004

hi ppl,

as foser reported problems on the chan about cdxa not working (mostly
spider not linking it), i tested it with the only cdxa file i had.

it didn't work for me either.

so, i took a look inside and saw that even if CDXA files were RIFF
containers, it didn't use gst-lib/riff/

i saw iain did convert wavparse to use this lib not long ago so i
decided to try to copycat what he did.

in fact, CDXA and WAV have a lot in common : RIFF, fmt & data chunks
(even if fmt format is unknown to me for CDXA files)

you can compare gstwavparse.c to gstcdxaparse.c (after patching) and
you'll know from where it came.

current issues :

when playing from gst-player :
got image and sound but they are not in sync. really don't know why
because it should only be handled by the next element, not cdxaparse

when playing from gst-launch, using :
gst-launch filesrc location=Karaoke\ FR\ -\ Thierry\ hazard\ -\ Le\
jerk.mpg ! cdxaparse ! spider ! xvimagesink

the full video (which is supposed to last 5min) goes at light speed and
ends in less than 1min

so, perhaps we have to add a time source (like the time stored in CDXA

i really don't know how to do that (still learning how all this works)

any help, comments appreciated


Stéphane LOEUILLET <stephane.loeuillet at tiscali.fr>
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