[gst-devel] cdxaparse partial rewrite, using RiffRead

Stéphane LOEUILLET stephane.loeuillet at tiscali.fr
Thu May 13 08:07:09 CEST 2004


> CDXA is just MPEG system stream, no? That has time embedded in it. What
> caps did you put on the source pad?

yes, CDXA is MPEG system stream inside a riff (but sliced into raw

each sector starts with a 12 bytes sync (00 FFx10 00), a 12 bytes
header, MPEG data (around 2.5KB) and a CRC (4 bytes)

i let the input pad like it was : video/x-cdxa
i put that on output pad : video/mpeg, systemstream=TRUE, mpegversion=1

do you mean i don't need to offer timestamping because mpegdemux would
take care of that ?


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